Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tomato Plants

My main gardening goal for this year is to can tomatoes.  We go through a ridiculous amount of canned tomatoes throughout the year, and I would love to have a homemade stash on hand.  Lately, we've been buying canned San Marzano tomatoes because they are supposed to be the best for sauce (and that's what all the Food Network chefs use!).  Luckily, Grow Pittsburgh is offering San Marzano starts this year, so we took a trip to a nearby nursery yesterday to pick up a few.  They only had 5 plants, so we cleaned them out.  We also got an Italian Sweet, a Brandywine and a Green Zebra.  One the pepper side, we got two Bounty Sweet Banana Pepper plants and one each of New Ace and Gourmet Orange.  I had planned to grow heirloom peppers from seed, but it didn't work out for me.  The lack of direct sunlight coming into our house should help keep it cool this summer, but it's not good for growing things.  We are waiting until next weekend to plant them outside just to make sure we are really truly frost-free.

In other garden news, the pea seeds I recently planted in our garden box sprouted this week and are growing quickly.  Also, our lettuce is doing well, but I should have planted much more.  I'll have to expand for the fall crop of lettuce.

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